Chinese Bowl and Oranges   10"x12"       Sold

Spodeware with Redcurrants    8"x10"      Sold

Brass Bowl with Oranges    10"x12"    Sold

Still Life with Bread   12"x12"     Sold

Enamel & Greengages   12"x12"       Sold

Flask and Strawberries    12"x12"     Sold

Pansies and Spode   12"x10"      Sold

Pomegranates   10"x12"    Sold

Pewter Flagon with Lemons  12"x16"    Sold

Silver Jug & Raspberries  8"x10"     Sold

The Silver Tankard   8"x12"    Sold

Creamware Basket with Cherries   12"x12"    Sold

Silver Jug with Redcurrants   8"x10"      Sold

Cockerel Jug with Tomatoes  8"x10"     Sold

Silver Jug with Nectarines    8"x10"     Sold

Primroses in a Glass Jar   6"x6"     Sold

Reflections in a Dutch Stoneware Jug  12"x12"     Sold

Limes and Lemons  12"x12"     Sold

Cherries and Green Glass   10"x12"   Sold

Stoneware Bottle with Apples   12"x12"      Sold

Citrus Reflections   8"x10"    Sold

Saltglazed Jug with Primroses   8"x10"     Sold

Apples on a Pewter Plate    12"x16"     Sold

Bubble jug & Cherries    12"x12"       Sold

Brass Bowl with Apples   10"x12"     Sold

Apricot Brandy   10"x12"    Sold

Chinese Bowl with Cherries   10"x10"    Sold

Stoneware Bottle with Pomegranates   12"x12"  Sold

Copper Tankard with Pears    8"x12"    Sold

Citrus Basket    12"x16"     Sold

Mustard Pot with Eggs   8"x10"    Sold

Snowdrops & Swan's Feather  8"x10"    Sold

Still Life with Redcurrants  12"x12"     Sold

Stoneware Jug with Apples   12"x12"     Sold

Anne Songhurst
Still Life Paintings

Last updated 17/07//2014


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