Apples & Brass Bowl 12"x12"    Sold

Wine and Cheeses 12"x10"       Sold

Copper Bowl with Pears    12"x14"    Sold

Still Life with Silver Coffee Pot   12"x16"   Sold

Roemer with Peaches  10x10

Stoneware bowl with Cherries  10"x12"  Sold

Still Life with Red Ladle 12"x16"    Sold

Enamelware with Lemons 12"x12"     Sold

Dutch Jug with Apples 10"x12"     Sold

Red Onions with Enamelware    12"x12"   Sold

Silverware with Clementines 18"x14"  Sold

Forest Glass and Clementines  10"x10"  Sold

Silver Jug with Clementines   12"x12"   Sold

Glass Bowl with Pears 12"x12"  Sold

Garlic and Chillies  10"x12"    Sold

Apricots and Cherries 8"x10"  Sold

Stoneware and Cow Parsley  12"x10"  Sold

Copper Tankard with Golden Plums  12"x16"  Sold

Bread and Olives  12"x12"   Sold

Pewter Flagon with Apples  12"x16"  Sold

Stoneware Jug with Squash and Nuts  12"x16"   Sold

Enamel Pail with Gooseberries 12"x12"   Sold

Free Range  12"x12"   Sold

Enamelware with Peppers 12"x16"   Sold

Wine Cheese and Olives  12"x12"    Sold

Stoneware Jar with Tomatoes  10"x12"    Sold

Cornishware with Eggs  10"x10"      Sold

Bramley Apples with Roemer  12"x18*   Sold

Chinese Bowl with Lemons  12"x12"   Sold

Brass Bowl with Clementines  10"x10"  Sold

Cutty Sark Caddy with Bread  12"x12"  Sold

Enamel Pail with Peppers  12"x16"   Sold

Lemons on a Pewter Plate  12"x16"  Sold

Cider Flagon with Apples  14"x18" Sold

Stoneware Tureen with Gooseberries  12"x16" Sold

Celadon Bowl with Eggs 10"x10"   Sold

Port and Olives 12"x10"   Sold

Stoneware Collection  16"x12"   Sold

Small tureen with Apricots 10"x12"  Sold

Stoneware Jar with Plums 12"x12"   Sold

Anne Songhurst
Still Life Paintings

Last updated 17/07//2014


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