Chinese Vase and Apricots  10"x10"    Sold

Guernsey Creamer with Plums  12"x20"    Sold

Stoneware Jug with Bread  12"x16"   Sold

Cider Flagon with Fruit  14"x18"   Sold

Chinese Bowl with Lemons  12"x16"     Sold

Savarin with Grapes  12"x16"   Sold

Garlic and Rosemary  10"x10"   Sold

Silver Tankard with Figs  8"x10"    Sold

Lemons in a Chinese bowl  8"x10"   Sold

Celadon Bowl with Greengages  12"x12"    Sold

Dutch Jug with Clementines  10"x12"    Sold

Stoneware Vase with Lemons  12"x16"    Sold

Silver Jug with Raspberries  11.5"x11.5"    Sold

Denmark Jug with Plums   10"x12"   Sold

Pewter Tankard with Figs  10"x12"    Sold

Tomatoes and Olives  12"x16"   Sold

Snowdrops in a Glass Jug  10"x8"    Sold

Pewter Jug with Clementines  12"x12"   Sold

Pewter Flagon with Pears  14"x18"    Sold

Chinese Bowl and Lemons   8"x12"

Chinese Porcelain with Greengages   12"x12"  Sold

Chinese Porcelain with Redcurrants   10"x10" Sold

Copperware With Plums  12"x16"   Sold

Staffordshire Bowl with Clementines   12"x12"

Stoneware with Apples  14"x18"    Sold

Water Jug with Lemons   10"x12"

westerwald Jug with Plums  12"x16"   Sold

Willow Jug with Raspberries   8"x9.5"   Sold

Copper Bowl with Figs   10"x12"   Sold

Stoneware Jar with Apricots   12"x16"

Stoneware Vase with Horse Chestnuts   8"x12"

Silverware with Nectarines  12"x16"   Sold

Wine and Cheese   12"x12"    Sold

Anne Songhurst
Still Life Paintings

Last updated 17/07//2014


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